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Archived Webinars

Transition Basics A Guide for Families

Transition Basics A Guide for Families 2012 (PDF)

The State Secondary Transition Interagency Committee (SSTIC) Family Involvement Subcommittee is pleased to announce its first in a series of informative webinars for families of students with disabilities. The goal of this webinar is to assist families with preparing their young adults for life after high school. Join us in discussing how to actively and effectively participate in the transition planning process. Topics that will be covered include: Transition Services, Individual Educational Plan (IEP) components, Self-advocacy and self-determination, Diploma options, Responsibilities of schools, families, and students, and additional available resources. Please note: only works with Internet Explorer

Mad Job Skills Series: Soft Skills Crucial for Career Success

This training is designed for youth and families to gain a greater understanding of Soft Skills for career success. Soft skills development is important for success to adulthood. This training helps outline a better understanding of what soft skills are specifically, tips on developing soft skills and including soft skills goals within your transitional IEP

Mad Job Skills Series: Tips for Acquiring Competitive Employment

This training is a brief overview of variety of job hunt skills every employee should know. This training addresses topics such as how to find a job, professionalism, networking, completing an application, and drafting a resume. Participants will also brainstorm ideas that will benefit their job hunting experience.
Tips for acquiring competitive employment (word doc)

Mad Job Skills Series: Road Blocks in the Workplace

This training will enhance young adult’s employment skills and provides tips for dealing road blocks in the workplace. The training addresses strategies for handling tough situations in the workplace such as sexual harassment, difficult co-workers, and how to utilize the chain of command and conflict resolution strategies.

Letting Go: Time to Land the Helicopter

August 2nd 2011 8:00pm

The TILES project of Family Network on Disabilities hosted Mark Keith from Outreach Services for the Blind and the Deaf. "Letting Go: Time to Land the Helicopter" is a workshop designed for parents to help their teens with disabilities become successful young adults post high school. All parents experience roadblocks when “cutting the apron strings” from raising a child to now parenting a young adult. Specifically letting go after a lifetime of caring for your special needs child is even more difficult. This workshop will address those road blocks and strategies to assist your family during this time of transition.

What You Need to Know: The Individual Plan for Employment (IPE)

September 14th, 2011 4:00pm

The VR School to Work Transition program assists youth and young adults with disabilities in achieving meaningful employment, thereby enhancing their independence. The program provides services that help students transition smoothly from high school to education, training, or directly into employment. VR has placed a strong emphasis on the development of social and work skills while youth begin to establish the network of supports they will need after high school. Student participation, with the support of the parent or guardian, is essential to the development of an Individual Plan for Employment (IPE) that outlines a true career path. This presentation will provide information that will empower students and families to: • Navigate the school system to connect with VR, • Understand their role in creating an IPE, • Recognize how an employment goal drives the IPE process, • Identify services and resources that support student transition, and determine and convey when IPE revision are needed. This presentation will inform students and their families regarding what they need to know about the IPE and provide resources to answer any additional questions they may have.

Transition Planning with Sticky Notes

Developing a Transition IEP does not have to be a difficult process and can be mastered in just six easy steps. This workshop, will show an alternative way to look at transition planning and get the creative juices flowing. It will show you that with that with a little creativity and an open mind, all you really need to develop and implement an effective Transition IEP is a sharpie and a package of sticky notes.

(Link to PDF)

Accessing Comparable Benefits and Community Resources With Kirk Hall of Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Difficult economic times have had a significant impact on the funding for benefits and resources. The number of individuals that require basic assistance has increased dramatically. This combination has strained budgets and severely limited the resources that are available. I will cover where to find new sources when traditional providers are unable to assist. This training places an emphasis on securing assistance for individuals with disabilities, though others may also be able to benefit.

Modern Skills for Success - VSA Florida My Art My Way Residency Program Uniting Online Technology and Creative Expression

During this informative session you will be introduced to the VSA Modern Skills Interactive Gallery, a place where you and your transitioning students will be able to connect with friends by making and sharing art online. The gallery, hosted by the ArtThread Foundation, is designed for students to unleash their imagination and explore the world of computer art and graphic design concepts. Come join the fun by learning how to building threads of art and weaving social networking skills into creative expression!